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•Sen. Paul Wellstone accepts endorsement. Listen

•Roger Moe endorsement acceptance speech. Listen.

•Judi Dutcher concession speech. Listen.

•Becky Lourey drops out of governor's race. Listen.

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Friday May 3
11 a.m.- 12 p.m. - MPR's Midday convention special. Guest: Mike Hatch (Listen)
12 p.m.- 1 p.m. - MPR's Midday convention special. The U.S. Senate race (Listen)

DFL State Convention
Minneapolis Convention Center
May 3-5, 2002
Snapshot The DFL state convention takes on added significance in 2002 because the major candidates for governor have promised to abide by the endorsement process and drop out if they aren't endorsed. In previous years, most major candidates have opted to wage a summer-long campaign and let the voters decide in the September primary. This year, however, the party is attempting to avoid divisive party squabbles, and focus the summer campaign against the Republicans.
Convention News

Moe wins endorsement for governor
May 4 - Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe eked out the endorsement at the state DFL convention Saturday. Moe won the endorsement with 55.9 percent of the vote on the sixth ballot after one of his opponents dropped out and asked her supporters to back Moe. (More)

Wellstone, Hatch, Humphrey endorsed
May 3 - Sen. Paul Wellstone headlined the opening day of the DFL's state convention, winning the endorsement in his bid for re-election unanimously and delivering one of his patented speeches. (More)

Moe picks Sabo as running mate
May 3 - On the day the state DFL convention kicked off, Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe announced first-term state Sen. Julie Sabo as his running mate. (More)

Gender politics takes spotlight
May 5 - Gender politics took on a big role at the convention after lurking below the radar for most of the campaign. ( More)

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