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Norm Coleman
Born: Born Aug. 17, 1949; Brooklyn, NY.
Personal: Married to Laurie. Two children, Jacob and Sara
Education: B.A. from Hofstra University and J.D. from the University of Iowa.
Political background: Elected Mayor of St. Paul, 1993. Ran unsuccessfully for governor, 1998.

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Coleman-Mondale Debate
On the day before the general election that decided the fate of their one-week campaign, former Vice President Walter Mondale and former St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman debated at the Fitzgerald Theater.
Listen | Read . (11/4/02)

All four major-party candidates for U.S. Senate appeared together for the first time since the State Fair. U.S. policy toward Iraq was a central focus of the debate. Listen | Read . (10/17/02)

Senate - Concordia College
Sen. Paul Wellstone, Republican Norm Coleman and Independent Party candidate Jim Moore debated in a 90-minute debate in Moorhead. Listen (10/15/02)

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Audio on the Issues (RealAudio) Coleman's speech at a GOP rally Listen.(10/30/02)

Coleman appeared on MPR's Midday as part of the program's Meet the candidate series. Listen.(10/14/02)

After winning the GOP endorsement, Coleman appeared on MPR's Midday. Listen.

Norm Coleman MPR's Midday. Listen (4/12/02)

MPR interview Listen (11/26/01)

Coleman announces Senate bid Listen

U.S. Senate
Norm Coleman (GOP)

Norm Coleman is credited with helping to revitalize the city of St. Paul. Under his tenure, the city gained a National Hockey League team, the Minnesota Wild; 18,000 new jobs; and a rejuvenated riverfront. He replaced a dilapidated block with a modern high-rise of offices, shops and restaurants, making way for the headquarters of Minneapolis tech firm Lawson Software. His eight years in office were marked without a tax increase.

Coleman focused on the riverfront as the key to turning the city around. Housing and office developments were built on both banks of the river, and Harriet Island Park underwent a $14.5 million renovation.

Yet his tenure was sometimes marked by controversy. He pressed the Historic Preservation Commission to condemn two old buildings downtown to make way for the expansion of the St. Paul Companies, and ousted three members when they refused. And city council members bristled when Coleman referred to the legislative branch as "my City Council."

His relationship with the state's Democratic Party was contentious. The party activists disliked him for his opposition to abortion and his battles with public employee unions. He was booed at the 1996 Democratic-Farmer-Labor state convention, even as he stood before the convention to "proudly proclaim my support" as a Clinton-Wellstone Democrat.

Just six months later, Coleman quit the party and became a Republican. He claims now that the turning point for him was when Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., voted against legislation overhauling welfare, and went to Wellstone's house to tell him. Wellstone says he doesn't remember the exchange.

Coleman had planned to run for governor again, but was persuaded by President Bush to take on Wellstone in 2002.


In 1993, Norm Coleman, a moderate Democrat, defeated the party's endorsed candidate, state Rep. Andy Dawkins. After switching parties, Coleman easily won re-election as a Republican in 1997, with 59 percent of the vote against Democratic state Sen. Sandy Pappas.

But his attempt to become the state's governor fell short when he lost to former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura, running as an independent.

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From the campaign

Senator-elect ColemanColeman wins; Mondale concedes
Nov. 6 -- Exactly one week after he entered Minnesota's Senate race as a fill-in for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone, Walter Mondale conceded that race on Wednesday to Republican Norm Coleman. "It appears that this election has been decided and a few minutes ago I called Senator-elect Coleman to congratulate him on his success and wish him and Laurie the best in his new assignment," Mondale told supporters at a St. Paul hotel. (More)

GOP boss Ron EibensteinerHow did it happen? What does it mean?
Nov. 6 -- Minnesota Republicans are ecstatic, and Democrats are reeling from the near-Republican sweep of the general election. Republicans won races for U.S. Senate, governor, two closely-watched suburban congressional seats, and all but one constitutional office. Political observers say the reasons range from the messages of the campaigns to reaction to the memorial service for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone. (More)

Dean BarkleyVentura appoints Barkley to Wellstone seat
Nov. 4 - Gov. Ventura has appointed independent Dean Barkley as the temporary replacement to late U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone. Ventura says he's angry that debate organizers continue to exclude third-party candidates from participating. (More)

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