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November 6, 2002

November 2002

Coleman beats Mondale; claims Senate seat (11/6/02)
How did it happen? What does it mean? (11/6/02)
Pawlenty sets stage for Capitol revolution (11/6/02)
Pawlenty wins governor's race (11/6/02)
GOP earns 4-4 split with DFL in congressional delegation (11/6/02)
New faces in Legislature (11/6/02)
Hatch re-elected; Greens close to losing major party status (11/6/02)
Turnout is high in Minnesota (11/5/02)
Coleman, Mondale debate on election eve (11/4/02)
Ventura appoints Barkley to Senate (11/4/02)
Conflicting polls add to campaign confusion (11/3/02)
Mondale campaigns on Iron Range (11/3/02)
White House visits boost Coleman (11/3/02)
Last debate targets Pawlenty (11/2/02)

October 2002

Minnesota court orders new absentee ballots in Senate race (10/31/02)
Senate candidates hit the road (10/31/02)
Candidates for governor sharpen rhetoric (10/31/02)
Mondale accepts nomination (10/30/02)
Senate race resumes (10/30/02)
With time running out, gubernatorial candidates pick up pace (10/30/02)
Wellstone memorial turns into DFL pep rally (10/29/02)
Profile: Walter Mondale (10/29/02)
Officials try to sort out ballot chaos (Oct. 28)
DFL, Wellstone family, look to Mondale (10/27/02)
Despite grief, DFL struggles with political reality (10/26/02)
Wellstone, 7 others, killed in plane crash (10/25/02)
Senate race:What now? (10/25/02)
Pentel's water tax (10/23/02)
GOP hopes to take control of Minnesota Senate (10/24/02)
Kline, Luther debate (10/24/02)  
SD Senate race could tip balance of power (10/23/02)
Senate District 30 race heats up in Olmsted County (10/22/02)
Gubernatorial candidates stick to their scripts in KSTP debate (10/22/02)
Economy is battleground issue in 2nd District (10/21/02)
Senate candidates disagree over economy in Chamber of Commerce debate (10/21/02)
Four Senate candidates debate in Rochester(10/18/02)
No debates in 6th District battle (10/17/02)
Candidates in broad disagreement on transportation (10/14/02)
Profile: Secretary of State race (10/21/02)
Profile: Attorney General race (10/18/02)
Three-way Senate debate in Moorhead (10/16/02)
Wellstone, Coleman debate; Tricomo, Moore shut out (10/12/02)
Negative ads turning voters off (10/11/02)
Auditors race slips under political radar (10/17/02)
Senate candidates focus on economy (10/16/02)
Profile: The 7th District (10/14/02)
Pawlenty accepts campaign finance fine (10/11/02)
Farming is king in 1st District, but people are talking Iraq (9/11/02)
Senate race issue: Prescription drugs (10/9/02)
Higher ed debate frames candidate differences in race for governor (10/9/02)
St. Cloud is darling of 6th District candidates (10/9/02)
Gubernatorial issue: Stadium (10/8/02)
Wellstone looks to suburbs (10/7/02)
TV spots on the increase (10/2/02)
Democrats find an issue: Social Security (10/2/02)

September 2002

With state short of cash, candidates short of solutions (9/30/02)
Iraq issue has Wellstone on defensive (9/27/02)
Corporate ethics debated in 6th District race (9/25/02)
Nader wades into Senate race (9/25/02)
Candidates for governor talk transit in St. Cloud debate (9/24/02)
Coleman calls for first strike against Iraq (9/23/02)
Gubernatorial candidates debate health care (9/20/02)
Coleman, Wellstone spar over Social Security ads (9/20/02)
Voters making up their minds: Senate race close (9/18/02)
Poll: Governor's race is three-way tie (9/17/02)
Coleman calls for first strike against Iraq (9/23/02)
Penny wants new revenue forecast (9/23/02)
Penny wants new revenue forecast (9/23/02)
The high-tech debate (9/19/02)
Ad Watch: Gloves come off in Senate ad blitz (9/16/02)
Serious about issues: Pentel profile (9/17/02)
Profile: Roger Moe (9/16/02)
Pawlenty's path: Profile (9/13/02)
Redistricting confusing voters in 6th, 2nd Districts (9/12/02)
Tone changing in race for governor (9/13/02)
Frontrunner? Tim Penny profile (9/12/02)
McGaa ousted from Senate race; Incumbent lawmakers advance (9/11/02)
Eyes on key races in battle for Legislature (9/9/02)
Greens in unusual Senate primary struggle (9/4/02)

August 2002

Candidates gang up on Penny (8/30/02)
Senate candidates in raucous debate at State Fair (8/30/02)
Ad Watch: Coleman, Wellstone tangle over Social Security (8/29/02)
Pawlenty leads money race (8/27/02)
Food, fun and politicking at the fair (8/26/02)
Second District candidates differ on war with Iraq (8/26/02)
Focus on the 6th District (8/23/02)
Luther, Kline get heated in TV debate (8/22/02)
Senate candidates debate wildlife, gun control issues (8/19/02)
Attack ads target Wellstone(8/14/02)
Business issues focus of gubernatorial debate (8/13/02)
Cheney stumps for Pawlenty (8/12/02)
Luther, Kline get heated in TV debate (8/22/02)
Candidates for governor debate agriculture policy (8/7/02)
7th District candidates debate at Farmfest (8/7/02)
Senate candidates in first debate (8/6/02)
McGaa officially launches Senate campaign (8/5/02)
Candidates for governor in first televised debate (8/1/02)

July 2002

Wellstone paints Coleman with a 'big business' brush (7/30/02)
Senate ad spending worries gubernatorial candidates (7/25/02)
Coleman, Wellstone battle over national defense (7/24/02)
Bench vacancy to be filled by voters, not governor (7/17/02)
Wellstone, Coleman locked in tight money race too (7/16/02)
Penny, Moore endorsed by Independence Party (7/15/02)
In scandals' wake, corporate responsibility becomes issue in Senate race (7/8/02)
Jax out of race for governor (7/11/02)
Penny names running mate; Republicans defect to IP (7/9/02)
Independence Party has Senate battle of its own (7/9/02)
In scandals' wake, corporate responsibility becomes issue in Senate race (7/8/02)
Now an 'official' candidate, Coleman opens fire on Wellstone over taxes (7/2/02)

June 2002

Ad war breaks out in Senate race (6/28/02)
Penny's position on abortion is already an issue (6/28/02)
Penny joins race for governor (6/27/02)
Supreme Court unmuzzles judicial candidates (6/27/02)
Duluth debate focuses on rural issues in gubernatorial race (6/25/02)
Who'll get the youth vote? (6/21/02)
First attack ad targets Wellstone (6/21/02)
'Jesse's people' may return to election sidelines (6/20/02)
Issues dominate in first three-way debate of gubernatorial candidates (6/20/02)
Independence Party scrambles for a candidate for governor (6/19/02)
The Ventura chronicles (6/18/02)
Ventura declines run at second term (6/18/02)
Gubernatorial candidates aren't waiting for Ventura (6/17/02)
After marathon, Pawlenty wins GOP gubernatorial endorsement (6/15/02)
Coleman endorsed for U.S. Senate (6/14/02)
GOP gubernatorial candidates in final debate (6/11/02)
GOP gubernatorial race: The money chase (6/6/02)
Senate candidate camps debate Coleman education ad (6/3/02)
Rural Minnesota could be battleground in Coleman's Senate race (6/3/02)

May 2002
Wellstone officially launches re-election effort (5/28/02)
Pentel, McGaa get major Green Party endorsements (5/20/02)
GOP hopes to make a move in redrawn 7th District (5/17/02)
Luther opts for rematch with Kline (5/13/02)
Weighing the cost of free speech in judicial ads (5/13/02)
Cheney stumps for Kennedy (5/10/02)
Crusader becomes campaign issue (5/9/02)
A role switch: DFL united, GOP fighting (5/6/02)
Moe wins DFL Party endorsement; GOP says he's easy to beat. (5/4/02)
Wellstone, Hatch, Humphrey endorsed at DFL convention. (5/3/02)
DFLers in final debate before convention (5/2/02)

April 2002
Sullivan, Pawlenty debate environmental issues (4/30/02)
Profile: Judi Dutcher (4/30/02)
Profile: Becky Lourey (4/30/02)
Profile: Roger Moe (4/30/02)
Sullivan names running mate (4/26/02)
Pentel announces candidacy for governor (4/19/02)
Claiming credit (4/19/02)
Major gubernatorial candidates debate; Greens shut out (4/18/2002)
Wellstone may be in trouble; candidates scramble for cash (4/16/2002)
Ventura: Waiting for a better offer? (4/10/2002)

March 2002
Kennedy opts for 6th District run (3/25/02)
Redistricting plan may pit Luther, Kennedy (3/19/02)
Coleman asks for cap on out-of-state money (3/20/02)
Suburbs get more clout from redistricting plan (3/19/02)
Redistricting plan foreshadows legislative donnybrook (3/19/02)
Longtime Senator Doug Johnson announces retirement (3/18/02)
Sullivan wins GOP straw poll (3/6/02)
Bush raises $1 million for Coleman (3/4/02)
Gubernatorial candidates hold first debate (3/1/02)

February 2002
Wellstone has 'mild form' of MS (2/24/02)
Moe launches campaign for governor (2/24/02)
Candidates step up attacks on Ventura (2/13/02)
Coleman jumps into the race (2/11/02)
Money, broken pledge likely to dominate Wellstone bid (2/11/02)

January 2002
The Money Chase (1/31/02)
Unicameral issue may be key to Ventura's political future (1/15/02)

December 2001
Bridging the gender gap in governor's office (12/27/01)

November 2001
Lourey announces bid for governor (11/15/01)

September 2001
Pawlenty announces gubernatorial drive (9/5/01)

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