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Session 2002

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April 2, 2002


APRIL 2002

Gov. Ventura chides lawmakers for lack of progress. Listen (4/11/02)

MARCH 2002

Gov. Ventura speaks to St. Paul Rotary Club about budget woes Listen (3/12/02)


Updated budget forecast Listen (2/25/02)


Gov. Ventura details capital budgetListen (1/14/01)

Gov. Ventura presents budget-cutting proposals Listen (1/10/01)

Gov. Ventura's State of the State address Listen (1/3/01)


MAY 2002

Sen. Doug Johnson reflects on his legislative career. Listen (Midday - 5/23/02)

Is tripartisan government working in Minnesota? Listen (Midmorning - 5/22/02)

MPR listeners react to the bonding bill. Listen (Midday 5/22/02)

Ventura grades the Legislature. Listen. (Midmorning - 5/20/02)

End of the session special. Legislative leaders join MPR's Gary Eichten in a broadcast from the Capitol. (Hour 1 | Hour 2)

The budget deal. Guests: Sen. John Hottinger and Rep. Tim Pawlenty. Listen (Midmorning - 5/16/02)

Is the transportation package dead? Listen (Midday - 5/15/02)

Negotiating a budget deal. Guests: Sen. Roger Moe and Rep. Steve Sviggum. Listen. (Midday - 5/13/02)

APRIL 2002

Stalled at the Capitol. Guests: Sen. Roger Moe; Rep. Tim Pawlenty.Listen (Midday - 4/17/02)

MARCH 2002

The transportation debate. Guests: Sen. Dean Johnson, Rep. William Kuisle. Listen (3/29/02)

Gov. Jesse Ventura. Listen. (Midday - 3/28/02)

Extending closing time at bars. Guests: Sen. Linda Higgins, DFL-Minneapolis and Sen. Edward Oliver, R-Deephaven. Listen (Midmorning - 3/28/02) Opposition to the stadium bills. Listen (Midday - 3/27/02)

What's left to do? Guests: Roger Moe and Steve Sviggum. Listen (Midday - 3/22/02)

Anti-terrorism legislation at the Capitol. Listen (Midmorning - 3/22/02)

The stadium debate. Listen (Midday - 3/18/02)

The proposed increase in the gas tax. Listen (Midday - 3/15/02)

User fees and the stadium. Guest: Sen. Dean Johnson. Listen (Midmorning- 3/11/02)

K-12 education funding. Guest: Christine Jax, CFL Commissioner. Listen. (Midday - 3/6/02)


Minnesota's transportation policy. Guest: Elwyn Tinklenberg. Listen. (Midday - 2/26/02)

Budget talks continue. Guest: Roger Moe Listen. (Midday - 2/25/02)

Should the Legislature ban co-ed wrestling? Rep. Mary Jo McGuire, DFL-Falcon Heights; Rep. Paul Marquart, DFL-Dilworth. Listen. (Midmorning - 2/25/02)

Steve Sviggum on budget agreement. Listen. (Midday - 2/22/02)

Ventura on the budget. Listen. (Midday - 2/19/02)

Should the state provide benefits to domestic partners? Listen. (Midmorning - 2/19/02)

Terrorism and civil rights. Listen. (Midday - 2/14/02)

Rep. Matt Entenza, DFL-St. Paul, discusses do-not-call legislation. Listen. (Midday - 2/13/02)

House Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty and Sen. Asst. Majority Leader John Hottinger debate budget plans. Listen. (Midday - 2/8/02)

Transportation plan. Guests: DFL Senate Transportation Finance Chairman Dean Johnson and House Republican Transportation chairman Tom Workman. Listen. (Midday - 2/7/02)

Budget cuts. Guest: Nina Archabal, director of the Minnesota Historical Society. Listen. (Midmorning - 2/6/02)


Sen.-elect Mee Moua (Midmorning - 1/31/02)

Midday special on the Legislature's opening day. (Listen Hour 1 | Listen Hour 2)
Gov. Ventura
Rep. Alice Seagren (Education)
Rep. Carol Molnau (Transportation)
House Speaker Steve Sviggum
Sen. Majority Ldr. Roger Moe
Public Safety Commissioner Charlie Weaver
Analyst Wy Spano (Redistricting)
Sen. Jane Ranum (Concealed handguns)
Rep. Tony Kielkucki (Abortion)
Sen. Larry Pogemiller (Taxes)
Sen. Dean Johnson (Stadium)

Gov. Ventura defends early childhood cuts. (Midmorning - 1/29/02)

The Twins contraction and stadium debate. (Midday - 1/23/02)

Ted Mondale, chair of Met Council discusses growth estimates and impact on transit and other needs. (Midday - 1/22/02)

The stadium debate - Rep. Mary Liz Holberg - Midmorning (1/17/02)

U of M President Mark Yudof - Midmorning (1/16/02)

An analysis of Ventura's capital budget - Midday (1/14/02)

Finance Commissioner Pam Wheelock - Midday (1/11/02)

Reaction to Gov. Ventura's budget proposals - Midday (1/10/02)

Education issues in a time of budget-cutting - Midday (1/9/02)

Women in politics - Midday (1/7/02)

Analysis of the State of the State address - Midmorning (1/4/02)

Gov. Jesse Ventura - Midday (12/26/01)