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Session 2002

Every two years, lawmakers decide what capital projects will be funded through the sale of state-backed bonds. Two years ago, the Legislature spent $583 million, with over half the funding spent on schools. The process is almost always a "last-minute" item in the session, with surprise expenditure requests. Two years ago, House Republicans objected to a last-minute insertion of transit money by Gov. Ventura into the bill. Legislators will face over $2 billion in requests. Gov. Ventura has proposed a capital budget of nearly $750 million. (More on bonding.)

MPR listeners react to the bonding bill. Listen (Midday 5/22/02)

Gov. Ventura announces 2002 capital budget (1/14/02)

An analysis of Ventura's capital budget Midday - 1/14/02

Capital budget executive summary (pdf)

Bonding projects (pdf)

Budget requests - Detail volumes (pdf)

At-A-Glance Gov. Ventura vetoed many of the projects in the 2002 state bonding bill. The House and Senate approved the second most expensive package of state borrowing for construction projects in history. The bill would float $879 million in state bonds to pay for $979 million in projects. Ventura wanted at least $50 million put in the bill for his top bonding priority: the Northstar commuter rail line. The Legislature did not fund his project.
Latest News at the Capitol

Bonding bill signed; Ventura slashes millions in projects
May 22- Gov. Jesse Ventura vetoed dozens of projects in the state bonding bill, cutting the $979 million measure by more than one-third. Among the projects cut were funding for a new Guthrie Theater, the Children's Theatre in Minneapolis, a University of Minnesota research facility, and money for state lands and trails. Read

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Spend or Save?
Supporters of borrowing a lot of money for building projects say it will create jobs. Others are urging fiscal restraint in a time of deficit. (12/10/01)