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Session 2002

Gov. Ventura's relationship with public school teachers soured last year after he proposed a modest increase in K-12 education funding, then suggested teachers should not be allowed to strike. Union leaders say Ventura's budget balancing plan would put financially strapped schools in even greater peril. They'll advocate this session for the creation of an optional, statewide health care plan for teachers.


Christine Jax, Commissioner of the Department of Children, Families & Learning. Listen (Midday - 3/6/02)

Rep. Alice Seagren, chair, Education K-12 finance committee. Listen . (Midday - 1/29/02)

Gov. Ventura defends early childhood cuts. Listen. (Midmorning - 1/29/02)

U of M President Mark Yudof.Listen - Midmorning (1/16/02)

Finance Commissioner Pam Wheelock. Listen - Midday (1/11/02)


Dept. of Children, Families and Learning

Education Minnesota

House Research Dept. - Income tax deductions for education

At-A-Glance The Profile of Learning will remain unchanged this year after a House-Senate committee deadlocked over whether to fix or abolish the graduation standards. The conference committee spent three days trying to work out a compromise but gave up when it was clear neither side would budge. The House voted overwhelmingly in April to repeal the profile, a system which puts more emphasis on projects than on book work and classroom time. The repeal came as an amendment to a bill dealing with indoor air rules.
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