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IT TOOK TIME TO FIND GAGA among the lovingly-tended rows of Bosnian Serb graves. The wooden cross marking his plot had rotted and toppled over. I visited the grave with Gaga's brother, Misha. We were met by Gaga's friend Zoran, who fought with him on the front line in Ozrenska Street.

We bought a new cross from the besotted caretaker and Zoran carefully painted Gaga's name on it. We sipped a traditional toast of brandy, pouring some on the grave for Gaga.

Misha and Zoran both insisted that Gaga's malicious behavior was fueled by drink--they blamed his violence against Muslim civilians solely on alcohol.

"He was a double person," Zoran said. "Sober...if you needed a hand, he'd give you any help necessary. But when he was drunk, everyone ran from him. He was simply terrible."

On the ride back to his wretched refugee hostel in the mountains, Misha offered more revealing comments about Gaga, and the attitudes the brothers apparently shared.

"If Gaga had changed so much as you say, he would have killed all the Muslims," Misha ranted. "One had to keep them in a state of fear, they were that kind of people. You give them your hand, they break off your whole arm."

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Images (top to bottom):
1. Misha and Michael in the graveyard (Link, jpeg 72k)
2. Zoran painting the cross (Link, jpeg 52k)
3. Gaga's grave

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