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Election 1996
Postcard from Chicago
A daily report from the Democratic Convention
by MPR News Editor Bob Collins

AUGUST 29, 1996
| Ouch! | Party Down |

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THE UNITED CENTER sets new records in price gouging. With no competition within four miles of the place, a large Coke is going for $4.50... and a small hand-sized bag of potato chips will run you $1.75.

Party Down
BE GLAD Minnesota didn't end up further down the alphabet. As I write this, I'm looking down from "radio row" at a near empty arena. North Dakota has just cast its votes in the roll call of states. Everybody's gone since Clinton clinched nomination awhile go. Wednesday night is a big party night at the Convention (as they all are -- that's why they call it a political party!), and the Minnesota delegates have scampered off to a bash thrown by Burlington-Northern.

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