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Jack Graham runs for Supreme Court
Rachel Reabe - 10/14/96
Voter Voices: welfare recipients
Chris Roberts - 10/4/96
Political life after the Bertram brothers
Laura McCallum - 10/3/96
Senator Moe cleared of ethics charges
William Wilcoxen - 10/1/96


Voter Voice: Farmer
Marianne Combs - 9/27/96
How people choose a candidate
John Biewen - 9/25/96
Winona candidate cries foul in State Senate Race
Marianne Combs - 9/24/96
Foreign Policy: An issue in campaign
Karen Boothe - 9/23/96
MPR Ad Watch
Bill Wareham - 9/18/96
Boschwitz pulls out of further debates
Karen Boothe - 9/18/96
Wellstone-Boschwitz hold first debate
Karen Boothe - 9/16/96
Does a presidential candidate make a difference in the economy?
Chris Farrell - 9/13/96
Senate Primary Results
Karen Boothe - 9/11/96
Profile of blind legislative candidate
Mark Steil - 9/9/96
MPR Poll reactions: Is third party dead in MN?
Jon Gordon - 9/6/96
Gutknecht objects to AFL-CIO ads
Marianne Combs - 9/6/96
MPR poll: Wellstone leads Boschwitz
Jon Gordon - 9/5/96
Gore visits Labor Day picnic in St. Paul
Jon Gordon - 9/2/96
Gore visits MN State Fair
Elizabeth Stawicki - 9/2/96


From GOP Convention: The trickle down effect of Convention analyzed
Bob Collins - 8/16/96
From GOP Convention: Christian Coalition in difficult position ... inside the Party
Bob Collins - 8/14/96
From GOP Convention: Media making it tough for MN delegates
Bob Collins - 8/13/96
Reform Party in MN making inroads
Marianne Combs - 8/13/96
Profile of MN delegates to GOP Convention
Karen Boothe - 08/12/96
Profile of 7th District Congressional Race
Tim Kelly - 8/9/96
Latino issues subject of summit
Karen Boothe - 8/8/96
Election Voices: a young voter
John Biewen - 8/2/96


McKasy drops out of U.S. Senate Race
Karen Boothe - 07/24/96
Portrait of some GOP delagates to the convention in San Diego
Karen Boothe - Not yet aired
Dole visits Twin Cities
Karen Boothe - 07/17/96


Profile of Monti Moreno
Jon Gordon - 06/07/96
What Rochester lost when DFL moved convention to St. Paul
Mitch Teich - 6/6/96
Preview of DFL State Conventions
Karen Boothe - 6/6/96
McKasy stays in Race
Karen Boothe - 6/4/96
GOP result shocks McKasy
Karen Boothe - 6/3/96


Why GOP convention is in Democrat country
Bob Kelleher - 5/31/96
What is the value of the GOP endorsement?
Karen Boothe- 5/31/96
Quist forces still control GOP delegation
Karen Boothe - 5/30/96
GOP releases platform for Duluth convention
Karen Boothe - 5/29/96
Wellstone Common Cause push for campaign finance report
Karen Boothe - 5/28/96
MPR Poll: Respondents say ethics an issue in legislative races
Jon Gordon - 5/27/96
Out-of-state money fueling MN Senate race
Jon Gordon - 5/24/96
MPR Poll shows Boschwitz ahead of McKasy
Karen Boothe - 5/24/96
MPR Poll: Most favor keeping BWCA intact
Bill Wareham - 5/23/96

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