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XXImage: Densmore and Mountain Chief; cr: Smithsonian Institution
Author's Introduction
Radio Biography Script
XXProduction Notes and Footnotes
Frances Densmore Bibliography
Song Catcher Sources and Densmore Books in Print
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1 Early Life
XXCloser Look Civil War letters Part 1
XXCloser Look Civil War letters Part 2
XXCloser Look A Shady Question in Red Wing
XXCloser Look Alice Cunningham Fletcher

2 The White-Gloved Ethnologist
XXCloser Look Women in Anthropology (excerpt)
3 First Field Forays
XXCloser Look Margaret Densmore, Faithful Companion
4 A Professional Amateur
XXCloser Look Frances Densmore Under an Indian Spell
5 The Sioux and the Ojibwe
XXCloser Look Field Trips Taken in the Study of Indian Music and Culture
XXCloser Look Essay from Musical Quarterly, 1915

6 Sundance
XXAudio Dale Weasel Interview*
XXAudio Contemporary recording: To Move
XXCloser Look Adoption by Red Fox
XXXXAudio Cylinder recording: The Poor are Many
7 "Friend" of the Indian
XXCloser Look Densmore's Attitude Toward Indians
XXCloser Look The Densmore-Hofmann Letters - Part 1: Working with Indians
XXCloser Look The Densmore-Hofmann Letters - Part 2: Indian Character

8 From Desert to Rain Forest
XXCloser Look Letter to Smithsonian
XXCloser Look Summary of Field Work 1907-1935
XXCloser Look Map of Field Work in Upper Midwest

9 Preparing Herself for History
XXCloser Look Work Style
XXCloser Look Historian's Perspective by Nina Archabal
XXAudio Cylinder recording: Moccasin Game Song
XXAudio Cylinder recording: Why Should I be Jealous
XXAudio Cylinder recording: Friendly Song
XXAudio Cylinder recording: Southern Dance Song

10 Lonely Years
XXCloser Look Published Music Based on Collected Themes
XXAudio The Song of Weasel Bear (piano composition)
XXAudio Valliere Commentary

Footnotes to Life Story Narrative


Homepage Magic Lantern Show
XXCloser Look Lecture to a Minot High School

Magic Lantern Show Movies (Quick Time)
1 Music or Misery?
2 Three Remarkable Indians
3 Minnesota Ojibwe
4 The Sun Dance Remembered
5 Relations with Indians

Web Magic Lantern Show
1 One Man's Music Is Another Man's Misery
2 No Form of Written Music
3 No Applause and No Pay
4 Owl Woman
5 Tatanka Hoksila (Buffalo Boy)
6 Siyaka's Song
7 Waiting to Record Their Songs
8 Lives Among the Birch and Pine
9 Little Spruce
10 Big Bear
11 Recording a Song
12 Saving for Posterity
13 Summer of 1911
14 Sundance
15 Adopted by Red Fox
16 Celebrating New Relations
17 Pan Plays a Flute
18 Office at Fort Yates
19 Obtaining Information

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