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Producer, writer, narrator: Stephen Smith
Associate producer: Kitty Eisele
Technical director: John Scherf
Project manager: Nancy Fushan
Production assistant: Stephanie Curtis
Voice of Frances Densmore: Brenda Wehle
Voice of newsreel: Bob Christiansen

This program was made possible, in part, with funding from the Minnesota Humanities Commission, in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Minnesota State Legislature. Additional funding provided by the Red Wing Shoe Company and by the Prairie Island Tribal Council, on behalf of the Prairie Island Tribal Community.

Minnesota Pubic Radio and the producers are indebted to a number of people who helped with the research and production of this documentary: Nina Archabal of the Minnesota Historical Society; Larry Aitken of the Leech Lake Tribal College; Thomas Vennum Jr. of the Smithsonian Institution; Judith Gray of the Library of Congress and Lorraine Norrgard of Cloquet, Minnesota.

Please note that historical quotations of Densmore and the newsreel announcer are taken from primary sources, but may have been edited or combined for narrative economy. These quotations accurately reflect Densmore's attitudes and feelings, but should not be duplicated as verbatim statements. Please look to the primary sources for exact quotations. All contemporary interviews transcribed here are verbatim.

The abbreviation SFX stands for "sound effect."


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Radio Biography Script

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