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Song Catcher: Magic Lantern Show

Magic Lantern Audio 5 concludes with this slide.

PEOPLE OFTEN ASK ME how I get so much deeply-held information from so many kinds of Indians. I do not do it by pretending to be one of them, and eating out of the same dishes. I have seen people who used this technique and did not find out very much. There is no use trying to be a social climber among Indians. If you begin at the bottom you will probably stay there. I start at the top and make friends with the professional men - the chiefs, doctors and tribal leaders. It is very hard to learn to "draw the line" and be chummy and cordial and friendly with Indians and not let them ever overstep. There has to be an invisible line that you know is there and keep your eye on every minute.

Picture: Densmore and Mainans, SI

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