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The Third Annual Minnesota Public Radio
Snowman Burning
March 20, 1997
With John Rabe, MPR host of All Things Considered

A poetic event - The ceremony

Discover what snowman burning is all about.

So Long, Frosty!
Rare video from the first MPR Snowman Burning.

John Rabe

The Snowman Cometh
In this personal reminiscence, John Rabe reveals how family influences shaped a new tradition.

Photo Album
Pix from the '95 Burning.

Rundown of the '98 event.

Hear Him Burn!
THE 1997 SNOWMAN BURNING is now history, but you can relive this hot event by clicking on the audio clips below, and by perusing the program rundown.
(Real Audio 2.0)
Part 1
Poetry Readings
Part 2
Poetry Readings
Part 3
Snowman Burns (Play-by-play by MPR's Dan Olson)
Part 4 (Includes extra poetry not heard on the radio broadcast)

A Poetic Event
Poetic expression is a key component of all Snowman Burnings (no surprise with all the sap on the rise at that time of year). You're invited to review some of the 1997 submissions received via email.

The Ceremony
John Rabe was emcee; his guests included Minneapolis playwright/actor Kevin Kling and Dan Newton's Cafe Accordion Orchestra (here's a sample of their sound in RealAudio 2.0 14.4 kbps).

1997 Poetry Submissions
Set 1 posted March 12
Set 2 posted March 14
Set 3 posted March 17

Listen to readings from previous ceremonies.

(RealAudio 2.0 14.4 kbps)

Tim Payton:
Death of Winter

V. Ramchandani:
Minnesota Nice

Nancy Berneking:

Shannon Luckert
Long March

Mark Seeley reading a poem by K.Daly:
First Crocus

E. Holmvig-Johnson:

Blueprint for a snowman burning.

The Snowman Cometh - So Long, Frosty (video) - Photo Album