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Mainstreet Radio Special
Hosted by Mark Steil
April 16, 1997

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This two-hour broadcast aired live during Midday on April 16. The special included pre-produced features, live-from-the-scene reports, call-ins, and guest experts in MPR studios in St. Paul and Moorhead. It is presented here in two parts. (Listening time is approximately 55 minutes for each segment.)

MPR's Hope Deutscher with volunteers at "sandbag central" in Fargo at approx. :10.
MPR's Dan Gunderson reporting from the field at approx :30.

Moorhead studio guests:
Paul Jacobs, Regional program Coordinator, Minnesota Division of Emergency Management (Dept of Public Safety)
Nick Sinner, farmer and President of Red River Valley Sugar Beet Growers Association.

Saint Paul studio guest:
Gary McDevitt, National Weather Service Hydrologist

MPR's Dan Gunderson reports: at approx. :06, :30, and :45
MPR's Laura McCallum reports, at approx. :10, reading an excerpt from a newspaper account of the 1897 Red River flood.

Moorhead studio guests:
Professor Don Schwert, Geology Professor at North Dakota State University in Fargo.
Don Ogaard, who lives in Ada, Executive Director of the Red River Watershed Management Board.

Saint Paul studio guest:
Don Arnosty, MN Director of the National Audubon Society.

Phone interview with Brett Hulsey of the Sierra Club Midwest office in Madison, Wisconsin.

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