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"God has his ways of setting off the alarm clock and waking us up."

Day of Prayer in Fargo
An Audio Portrait
By Leif Enger
May 1, 1997


Hundreds of people gathered in Fargo to observe the National Day of Prayer. The mayors of Fargo and Moorhead, pastors from Grand Forks and Wahpeton, and teachers and students prayed for strength to rebuild their flood-damaged communities. Leif Enger of Mainstreet Radio has this sound portrait of the May 1 ceremony.

Voices included: Marsha Larson, Shirley Swenson, Morris Lanning, Kari Baugh, Eric McIntyre, Jo-Ann Logan, and Shaun Bowman.

WOMAN SINGING: God is in control, we believe that his children will not be forsaken. God is in control, we will choose to remember and never be shaken.

"Lord, it's been a tough year for many in this Valley. Many have fought long and hard to win a battle against nature. For some it meant the saving of their home and property, but many thousands have lost the battle. We have many questions. Why? Why me? Why our family? Are you angry with us, God?"

"Lord, the great flood of 1997 has clearly reminded us how powerless we are over the forces of nature . . . today we pray for all those who suffer. Those who lost their business or their home, those whose homes or businesses were badly damaged, those who've lost their source of income, those who've lost their school or lost their church"

"The recent flooding has made us feel fragile and uncertain. We are full of hope one moment, then tears and fears the next. So much has changed for us, but not your love and care for us. The people of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks along with our brothers up and down the Valley have felt your love through the love strangers. We're grateful for the gifts of hands and heart which have begun the recovery process."

MUSIC: When through fiery trials your pathway shall lie, My grace, all sufficient, shall be your supply.

"I think people are starting to think a little more about God and a little less about themselves, because of the flood."

"Today so many trust in money, and homes, and clothes, and other things; and we need to come back and see who our Lord is, who our provider is, who our protector is."

"It's too bad it takes tragedy for people to come together and know who's in control, but God has his ways of setting off the alarm clock and waking us up. Prayer is just as important today as it was last year or will be ten years from now, and we just gotta keep praying."

MUSIC UP, applause, hallelujahs.

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