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Finland Was a Poor Country: Selected Readings and Music
By Mary Losure and Dan Olson
June 10, 1997

INTERESTED IN LEARNING more about Finnish Americans and others who emigrated to northeastern Minnesota? Here are a few reading suggestions:

"They Chose Minnesota", Minnesota Historical Society Press, Timo Riipa's chapter on 'The Finns and Swede-Finns'.

"Entrepreneurs and Immigrants" a collection of essays published by the Iron Range Research Center in Chisholm, Minnesota edited by Micheal G. Karni.

"Dovetailed Corners" prose poems by Jim Johnson with photos by Marlene Wisuri and J.C. Hendricks, Holy Cow! Press, Duluth, Minnesota.

"Finnish Radicals and Religion In Midwestern Mining Towns", PhD dissertation by Arthur Edwin Puotinen, the University of Chicago,

"Sampo", a collection of Finnish American writing, New Rivers Press, Minneapolis, edited by Aili Jarvenpa and Micheal G. Karni.

MUSIC FOR MPR'S documentary Finland Was a Poor Country performed by:

Varttina, Green Linnet Records, Danbury, CT.

Tallari, the Folk Music Institute, Finland.

Martti Pokela and others from the 'Kantele' CD, Finlandia Records.

Minnesota accordionist Al Reko and his Finn Hall band recorded live.

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