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Nancarrow Links

Kyle Gann wrote an obituary for Nancarrow in the Village Voice.

Author and Composer Kyle Gann's home page. This page has information on Gann's books and several of his articles from the Village Voice are posted on his site as well.

The Other Minds Festival presented the works of Nancarrow. They have some biographical and information on their site including photos of Nancarrow as well as other contemporary composers. They also have short musical and spoken word excerpts from many composers. Other Minds Festival IV runs November 10-12, 1997 in San Francisco. Concert programs are listed here.

Nancarrow was influenced by the writing of composer Henry Cowell (1897 - 1965).
Short Cowell biography:
List Cowell of works:

Contemporary Music Links
Mozart Among Us
This site, created and Maintained by Glen Ford, does a good job of providing an overview of contemporary composers and their music.

Yahoo composers links"0"&n=20

Music is only a hobby for Yasusi Kanada, Ph.D. But his list of links is quite extensive.

The American Composers Forum based in St. Paul, Minnesota has a site that posts opportunities for composers.

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