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Deer Hunting in Minnesota
November 6, 1997

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Thursday, November 6, 11:06 am - 1 pm Central Time

HOUR 1: Deer-Herd Politics and Economics

DNR wildlife manager Jim Bryant and Minnesota Deer Hunters Association president Joe Wood will discuss deer management options. Questions that may be addressed include: Why do some people want to feed every deer in Minnesota; are there better, long-term ways to keep them healthy? Is it desirable to have more than a million deer within Minnesota's borders? How much should the economic impact of deer hunting influence herd management?

Halfway through the hour there will be a callout with Bob Kobilka, owner of Kobilka's Northcountry Sporting Goods in Bemidji. Kobilka says the day before deer hunting opens is their busiest day of the year. His store could see up to 2000 customers, mostly looking for ammunition, a license, or blaze orange fashions. Kobilka's will gear up Saturday for deer registration as happy hunters bring in their trophies. Bob Kobilka says their scale in the parking lot on Hwy. 7l is a traffic-stopper as cars and pickups slow down to gawk at the animals.

The hour will conclude with a recorded commentary by non-hunter Jim Baden. Baden, who has hit three deer with his car in the last three years, says he'll put his record up against any hunter. Baden is the editor of the Mille Lacs Messenger.

HOUR 2: The Autumn Ritual

Several members of the Cease family from Bemidji join the program to discuss their annual hunting trips - what traditions they keep, and why they keep them.

Dr. Dwight Fultz, assistant psychology professor at Bemidji State University, will talk about the value of ritual. Hunting is a time for people to get away from the stress of life and reconnect with nature and their hunting party.

And Jean Bergerson, Minnesota director of the Becoming an Outdoor Woman program, will join in partway through the hour to talk about why deer hunting is becoming more popular among women.

Contact Information

Minnesota Deer Hunters Association: 218-327-1103
Kobilka's Northcountry Sporting Goods: 218-751-6000
Becoming an Outdoor Woman: 1-800-766-6000 (From outside the Twin Cities)