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Minnesota Public Radio presents The Fertility Race Part Three: The Fertility Industry, by Catherine Winter

The Fertility Industry
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WITH PATIENTS willing to invest thousands of dollars in treatments - and because an estimated 10 percent of American couples have trouble conceiving - infertility is estimated to be $2 billion industry annually in the US.

This report includes audio, images, and links to additional information.
Business Is Prospering
Couples spending large sums to have biological offspring fuel business growth.
Competing for Customers
Meet an entrepreneurial physician whose chain of clinics advertises widely.
Get a Baby or Your Money Back
Guarantees for success are unknown in other medical practices; Evaluating Infertility Treatment Financing Plans.

Visit to a Fertility Clinic
Photo Album
1. Waiting to See the Doctor
2. Preparing Eggs
3. Preparing Sperm

February 5, 1998

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