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Audio and text from:

Marge Anderson
Chief Executive, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians

James Baden
Editor, the Mille Lacs Messenger

Frank Courteau
Mille Lacs area resident

John Poupart
Executive Director, American Indian Research and Policy Institute

April 21 broadcast guests and topics

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Treaty Rights and Tribal Sovereignty
A Mainstreet Radio Special
Tuesday, April 21
Live from the Minnesota History Center's
Mille Lacs Indian Museum

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Minnesota Historical Society Mille Lacs Indian Museum
Mille Lacs Indian Museum larger image 3

Text and audio of Mainstreet Radio reports.

Ojibways Exercising Rights Permitted by 1837 Treaty
A review of events leading up to the present situation in east central Minnesota. (4/13/98)
Native and White Relations Strained in Mille Lacs Town
Race relations in Onamia have grown uneasy as the Mille Lacs Band asserts its treaty rights. (4/14/98)
Red Lake Walleye Fishing Ruined
Commercial over-fishing of Red Lake is having serious repercussions. (4/15/98)
An Ojibway's Perspective on Netting Fish
Meet native Vince Merrill who has netted fish for ceremonial purposes. (4/16/98)
Tribal Sovereignty: Legal History and Modern Practice
The complex issues surrounding tribal sovereignty go back to the times of initial European contact and continue to evolve. (4/17/98)

Photo 1: Mille Lacs Reservation, ca. 1930; Minnesota Historical Society.
Photo 2: Indian fisherman's boat and net drying rack at Red Lake, ca. 1940; Photo by Gordon, Minnesota Historical Society.
Photo 3: Minnesota Historical Society Mille Lacs Indian Museum; MPR staff photo.