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1998 Tobacco Trial Coverage
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Minnesota's Tobacco Trial: A Summary, by Elizabeth Stawicki.
It took the state and Blue Cross and Blue Shield two months to present their case to the jury, and the tobacco companies used six weeks to mount their defense. Here's what happened during that time.


Tobacco Company Documents Played Key Role in Trial, by Laura McCallum.
Some observers say industry papers prove tobacco companies lied to the public, others say they merely embarrassed the industry.


Minnesota Tobacco Trial Has National Impact, by Bob Collins.
When Minnesota's tobacco trial started, momentum toward a national deal for tobacco companies faltered.


A Smoker's Story, by Laura McCallum.
Lyman Jenson began smoking at age 10. Today he has emphysema and requires oxygen.


Tobacco and the Stock Market, by Bill Catlin.
Smokers and non-smokers alike may be surprised to learn how the tobacco trial could affect their personal finances.


Tobacco Case's Other Plaintiff, by Laura McCallum.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is the only private health plan in the country to sue tobacco.


Tobacco Trial Opens in St. Paul, by Elizabeth Stawicki.
Minnesota and Blue Cross and Blue Shield face off against the tobacco industry in a case of national significance.


Firm Could Be Winner in Tobacco Case, by Karen Louise Boothe.
Some say the law firm of Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi could make $1 billion from Minnesota's tobacco trial.