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Web White & Blue
Click Now for Web White & Blue: Election Information
National site sponsored by the Markle Foundation and Harvard's Shorenstein Center with links to multiple layers of information.

Checks and Balances
Magazine's site presents the thinking of state's political leadership on a range of issues.

Online effort connects citizens to candidates, issues, and news organizations.

Minnesota Voter's Guide
How-to guide for voters from the Secretary of State.

Minnesota Issue Watch
State planning department site highlights emerging trends.
Web magazine has useful features, monthly polls.

League of Women Voters
Comprehensive set of information to help you choose your candidate and get to the polls.

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Your Thoughts | Checks & Balances Contest

Jesse "The Governor" Ventura
Get to know Minnesota's governor with this online archive of stories and audio documenting Jesse's rise to Minnesota's highest office.

Candidates and Issues Information
Issues Summary
Access to audio reports of the electorate's and the key gubernatorial candidates' views on taxes, education, crime, housing, and farm issues.
Candidates' Position Statements
Candidates' page provides access to five-minute statements from all eight of Minnesota's gubernatorial hopefuls.
Attorney General Race
DFLer Mike Hatch and Republican Charlie Weaver fight for name recognition.

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Gubernatorial Debate from St. Paul (Coleman, Humphrey, Ventura)
Listen Hour One | Listen Hour Two | Listen Hour Three

Gubernatorial Debate from Duluth (Coleman, Humphrey, Ventura)
Listen Hour One | Listen Hour Two

Gubernatorial Debate from Brainerd (Coleman, Humphrey, Ventura)
Listen (One hour)

DFL Gubernatorial Candidates' Debate
Listen Hour One | Listen Hour Two | About the Debate

Ad Watch

Compare your opinion with that of the experts as we offer audio and quick-time movies of radio and television campaign ads.

OCTOBER 2: DFL airs ad taking Coleman comments out of context and Coleman responds; Roger Moe runs his first ad.

SEPTEMBER 17: Republican ads attack Humphrey's legislative record from 25 years ago.


MPR provides polling results upon occasion throughout the campaign.

OCTOBER 27, 1998
This MPR Poll commissioned by Minnesota Public Radio, KARE 11, and Pioneer Press shows that Democrat Hubert Humphrey, III has seen his margin evaporate over the past couple of weeks as Reform Party candidate Jesse Ventura's support level has surged 50%. Attorney general preferences are also covered.

More polls.

Candidates on the Issues
The Issues page provides access to a comprehensive series of audio-and-text reports on numerous issues of public concern along with candidates' views. A special campaign-end Issues Summary is also available.

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