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DFL Gubernatorial Debate
Hosted by Gary Eichten with candidates Mark Dayton, Mike Freeman, Hubert Humphrey III, Doug Johnson, and Ted Mondale
September 13, 1998

Listen to the archived debate
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Hour One
Hour Two

About the Debate: The debate was two hours long and was presented before an audience of several hundred people at the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul. The format was informal with ample opportunity for interaction among the candidates. The candidates were questioned by members of the Fitzgerald audience and by the public via email. There were no opening statements by the candidates, but each candidates had one minute to make a closing statement at the end of the broadcast.

Debate Program

7:00 - Welcome by MPR's Will Haddeland
7:03 - Candidates take questions from MPR's Gary Eichten
7:30 - Opens for questions from the audience and Internet users
8:00 - Station Break - Not a full intermission
8:05 - Broadcast resumes - more questions from the audience and Internet users
8:54 - Candidates make one minute closing statement
9:00 - Debate concludes
Production Credits
On-site producer: Sara Meyer
Executive Producer: Melanie Sommer
Technical Director: Alan Stricklin
Political Editor: Bob Collins
Online Producer: John Pearson
Online Images: Frank Hudson and Michael Wells

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