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Welfare to Work
October, 1998

Ten months after welfare reform went into effect across the state, Minnesota Public Radio examines the impact of the changes, and what their long-term effects are likely to be in Welfare to Work.

Keynote Address
LaDonna Pavetti LaDonna Pavetti speech for the Welfare to Work Summit.
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The Welfare to Work Summit on October 2 was produced by MPR's Civic Journalism Initiative and the Institute on Race and Poverty at the University of Minnesota Law School. Watch for links to additional summit information.

Special Reports
Audio and text from the MPR Newsroom.

Minnesota Family Investment Program: Doing the Job?
Though considered successful by some, Minnesota's welfare-to-work plan has many detractors. (10/13/98)

Getting a Job
Sometimes just finding a job isn't enough - it has to be a good job. (10/13/98)

Getting Skills
Many are being placed in jobs who previously would have been given training. (10/13/98)

Keeping a Job
The skills required to keep a job are sometimes the toughest to teach. (10/13/98)

Views on Welfare Reform
Divided welfare workers see either problems or promise in the recent changes to welfare policy. (10/14/98)

Welfare to Work a Special Challenge for Twin Cities Native Americans
Efforts are underway to fit Native Americans into the Minnesota Family Investment Program. (10/15/98)

Duluth's Hmong Families Find Reform Pressure
Social workers and employers are struggling to keep families from relocating to the Twin Cities. (10/15/98)

New Workers, New Practices
Welfare reform is challenging businesses to reapproach hiring practices. (10/15/98)

Welfare Reform and Health Care
Facing changes in welfare, many also find difficulty receiving adequate health services. (10/16/98)

Welfare Under a Weaker Economy
Most state and federal officials have declared welfare reform a success, but what happens if there's a recession? (10/16/98)