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Our State, Our Forests
November, 1998

At the turn of the century, much of Minnesota's northern forest was leveled by logging and massive fires. Now the state is in the midst of a second extensive round of cutting, to supply new and expanded mills that have sprung up since the early 1980s. In the years since the mill expansions began, timber harvesting in Minnesota has increased more than 60 percent, to the highest levels since 1909. Slowly, the face of Minnesota's northern forests is changing.

In this series of reports, Minnesota Public Radio examines what these changes mean for the state's timber industry, trees, and wildlife.

Special Reports
Audio and text from the MPR Newsroom.

Live Remote Broadcast from Duluth
This two-hour special includes a reprise of the Mainstreet reports (below) and an hour of issues discussion with representatives of timber and environmental interests. (11/18/98)

A History of Timbering in Minnesota
150 years of logging have changed the face of the state as well as the timber industry. (11/16/98)

Profile of a Logging Family
Three generations of the Walsh family have worked Minnesota's forests. (11/16/98)

Today's Timber Industry
Can Minnesota's forests support increasing economic and ecological demands? (11/17/98)

Clear-Cutting Changes Wildlife Habitat
As clear-cutting methods become more efficient, many are concerned the wildlife that depends on older, diverse forests will suffer. 11/18/98

Clear-Cutting Moving Faster than Timber Reform
Many feel as though commerce is outweighing the need to preserve old-growth forests. 11/18/98

Rare Raptor May Restrict Clear-Cutting
The Goshawk may be the tool needed by environmentalists to preserve old-growth forests. (11/20/98)