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The Positive Life from Minnesota Public Radio

A 15-year-old struggles with the same concerns of her friends - plus much more.

  A Chicago teen describes the toll of HIV on her family - and on her dreams.

  Now in college, Mark has found that there are options for living with HIV.

  Having lost her mother, father, and brother to HIV, she dreamed of reaching her fifteenth birthday.

The Positive Life

By Stephen Smith
American RadioWorks

Being a teenager is notoriously difficult. Fierce social and psychological pressures impel kids to fit in, to break free from parents, to navigate through temptations like sex and alcohol. For teens with HIV, the journey can be even more complicated. They face the challenge of preparing for an adulthood they were never expected to reach. In our special series, Minnesota Public Radio offers an in-depth look at four teens living with HIV.

Web sites serving HIV/adolescent needs:

Youth and AIDS Projects

Pediatric HIV/AIDS Links

National Pediatric & Family HIV Resource Center

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Camp Heartland


About this Series:

The Positive Life was produced by American RadioWorks, the national documentary unit of Minnesota Public Radio.

Executive Producer: Bill Buzenberg
Chief Correspondent: Stephen Smith
Photography: Laura Kleinhenz / Special to MSNBC
Assistant Producer: Stephanie Curtis
Project Manager: Nancy Fushan
MPR Web Producer: John McEvoy
Intern: Nathan Williamson

Special thanks to Joe Richman of the American Diaries radio series.

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United Parcel Service Minnesota District United Parcel Service Minnesota District on behalf of Camp Heartland

Camp Heartland Camp Heartland, a place of love and acceptance for children living with HIV and AIDS.

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The Delaware Street Clinic The Delaware Street Clinic and Delaware Street Family Clinic at Fairview University Medical Center. Comprehensive treatment for HIV, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases, including anonymous testing. Adults and Families (612) 625-4680.