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MPR's Fitzgerald Forum: New Government, New Budget
Hosted by Gary Eichten, with Governor Jesse Ventura, Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe (DFL, Crookston), and House Speaker Steve Sviggum (R, Kenyon)
February 1, 1999

Steve Sviggum
Speaker of the House
Roger D. Moe
Senate Majority Leader
Jesse Ventura

Listen to the archived broadcast with Governor Ventura, Speaker Sviggum, and Senate Majority Leader Moe
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

About the budget: Governor Jesse Ventura submitted his first budget on Thursday January 28. The budget proposal provides the most detailed glimpse yet of the governing philosophy of Governor Ventura. See MPR's Ventura Budget Web site for budget information, public reaction, and the chance to register your thoughts on the MPR Instant Survey. The netcast of the Fitzgerald Forum is sponsored by
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