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Ventura Speaks to National Press Club
By Bob Collins
February 22, 1999
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Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura repeated many of the themes that have echoed around state politics since his election in November, but he did it on a national stage.

Ventura spoke to the National Press Club in Washington, capping several days of appearances while attending the National Governor's Convention.

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Ventura says he ran for governor to "stop the madness" and stop Minnesota from collecting huge budget surpluses. He says he joined the Reform Party after realizing the Democrats and Republicans have little credibility and care only about the next election.

Ventura's appearances, including a national-television appearance tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman, as well as an appearance on Meet The Press Sunday, has catapulted Ventura onto the national political scene with speculation that includes a possible run for higher office when his Minnesota term expires.

For his part, Ventura has denied any interest in national office but says he " never says never".