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Poll: Voters Support Resignations at U
By William Wilcoxen
April 16, 1999
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ACCORDING TO THE MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO-ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS POLL, STATE VOTERS FEEL the allegations of academic fraud surrounding the University of Minnesota basketball program, if proven true, are very serious. Statewide, 72% consider allowing an employee to do academic work for basketball players a very serious offense, while 21% say it is somewhat serious, and only 4% feel it is not serious.

If proven true, 68% want Coach Clem Haskins to be forced out of his job, and 62% feel other university officials should go as well.

Voters support the status quo in college athletics, with 91% feeling athletes should meet the same academic standards as other students, 75% opposing the paying of college athletes, and 76% opposing the dropping of sports at colleges and universities.

The Mason-Dixon Poll was conducted by Mason-Dixon Political/Media Research, Inc. of Washington, DC from April 7, 1999 through April 9, 1999. A total of 628 registered Minnesota voters were interviewed statewide by telephone. All stated they regularly vote in state elections.

Those interviewed were selected by the random variation of the last four digits of telephone numbers. A cross-section of exchanges was utilized in order to ensure an accurate reflection of the state. Quotas were assigned to reflect the voter registration distribution by county.

The margin for error, according to standards customarily used by statisticians, is no more than plus-or-minus 4 percentage points. This means that there is a 95 percent probability that the "true" figure would fall within that range if the entire population were sampled. The margin for error is higher for any subgroup, such as a gender grouping.

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