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May, 1999

Live online and on the air: Mainstreet Radio Special
Wed., May 5, 11 am - 1 pm
Two topics: racism in St. Cloud and rural refugees

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What Did You Say?
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We're Keeping an Eye on Rochester
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They Came to Minnesota
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The Heads Turn, Even in Church
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Can We All Get Along?
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Migrants No More
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Breaking the Molds
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The populations of many smaller communities are changing dramatically, with the influx of residents from many different cultures. As new immigrants move to cities and towns around the region, it's a change that enriches life for some, and threatens other residents.

Profiles of Diversity

Welcome to America, Vusi Kumalo

"White Americans need to understand that they have privileges I don't. Being black, I don't have those same privileges. All I need to do is show up: I know that I don't belong."

We're All on This Planet Together
"Education has failed Indians miserably."

People Are Showing They Care

"I think Willmar's getting better. I think Willmar's trying to get over that bridge."








The Rural Diversity Summit
From MPR Civic Journalism Initiative

On April 22, citizens and community leaders from across Minnesota came together to discuss how the state's rural towns and smaller urban cities can support and incorporate the state's increasing ethnic, religious, and lifestyle diversity.

During the day, citizens broke into small groups to assess current rural diversity in Minnesota and then develop specific action proposalsto make diversity a positive for Minnesota.

Keynote address
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V. Robert Hayles, Ph.D., respected author, speaker, and consultant on diversity in corporate America.
Luncheon address

Morrie Anderson, chancellor of the MnSCU system


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