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Employees React to Honeywell Sale
By Mark Zdechlik
June 8, 1999
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Honeywell employees are sorting through surprise, sadness and uncertainty after the news of New Jersey-based AlliedSignal's acquisition of the company.

OUTSIDE HONEYWELL'S CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS in south Minneapolis, most workers shied away from questions about the AlliedSignal's acquisition. Two women smoking at the entryway of one of the buildings said they were angry because they feel reporters have been misrepresenting the deal with AlliedSignal, failing to underscore that although Honeywell's Minneapolis corporate headquarters will close, more than 6,000 Honeywell jobs will remain in the Twin Cities.

Workers who would talk generally said there's now a sense of uncertainly at Honeywell.

Randy Lee, a senior architecht in the Home and Building Control Division, says he's pleased the new company will retain the Honeywell name. He thinks Honeywell will be a stronger company.

Lee's position is relatively secure. He's one of nearly 3,000 people who work in Honeywell's Home and Building Control Division. The company says the division will remain in the Twin Cities. Honeywell says another roughly 3,000 Twin Cities employees who work in aerospace, and in research and development, can count on keeping their jobs after the combination with AlliedSignal is finalized.

The only job cuts, Honeywell says, will be corporate jobs - 1,000 positions from public relations to legal to accounting functions. And Honeywell says some of those people, will have opportunities to work in other Honeywell divisions or to transfer to the New Jersey headquarters.