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A daily scrapbook of the activities of the Minnesota delegation to the convention. (Link opens new window)

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Los Angeles
August 14 - 17, 2000

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With the Republicans unified behind George W. Bush, Democrats hope to get a "bounce" for their ticket with the help of the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. The Democrats' strategy will "highlight working people and the issues that affect their lives through American Dialogues to be held each night of the convention

Mike Mulcahy's Reporter's Notebook

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Friday, August 18
Sharon's a Star - Is Anybody Out There? - Ticket Heads to LaCrosse

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Thursday, August 17
Leno Visits Janezich - Fritz's tombstone

Wednesday, August 16
Ventuna's back - MPR reporters cut the smog - Why Minnesota gets lousy seats

Tuesday, August 15
Walter Mondale reminisces - Can't get there from here, or anywhere - Passing the hat for hotel workers.

Monday, August 14
Dutcher's future - Good deeds - Stuff for free

Convention Audio

Congressman Bill Luther August 17, 2000

Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton August 15, 2000

Ambassador Walter Mondale - Speaks to Minnesota delegation August 14, 2000

Judi Dutcher August 14, 2000

Convention Stories

Money Flows After Convention Shows
August 17, 2000
Vice President Al Gore will take center stage stage at the Democratic National Convention as he formally accepts the party's nomination for President. Meanwhile, Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton meets with Gore's running mate, Joseph Lieberman, and DFL-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Jerry Janezich is interviewed by Jay Leno. Listen

Money Flows After Convention Shows
August 16, 2000
While coverage of the Democratic National Convention focuses on the nightly speeches, as much - if not more - of the action is occurring off-stage. On Tuesday night, Minnesota delegates attended a private reception at the Santa Monica Beach Club - just one of dozens of sideshows to the prime-time events. Some observers are concerned the sponsors of the extra-curricular activities are buying influence. Listen

Clinton Addresses Convention
August 15, 2000
There's no "Clinton Fatigue" among the Minnesota delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. Delegates praised Clinton's speech. They also heard from several other heavy hitters in their own meetings. And a Minnesota official made her own speech to the convention. Minnesota Public Radio's Michael Khoo reports. Listen

Minnesota Democrats Promise a Show
August 14, 2000
There will be no more suspense over the nomination than at the GOP convention two weeks ago, but Minnesota's 91 delegates say their convention will provide more substance. And they say it will offer more diversity. Nearly a quarter of Minnesota's delegates represent ethnic minorities. Democrats say that's in sharp contrast with the Republicans. Listen