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Reporter's Notebook - Tuesday, August 1, 2000
By Mike Mulcahy
Part of's Republican National Convention coverage.

The view from atop the First Union Convention Center. (See larger.)

DFL Senator Paul Wellstone crashed the Republican's party Monday by giving a speech at the Shadow Convention at the University of Pennsylvania. It's an issues forum going on alongside the convention that also attracted Arizona Senator John McCain over the weekend. Governor Ventura was also invited to speak at the event but couldn't work it into his schedule. The governor's office isn't ruling out the possibility that Ventura may attend a similar shadow convention in Los Angeles when Democrats hold their convention there later this month.


St. Paul Mayor and Bush-Minnesota campaign chair Norm Coleman isn't guaranteeing a unanimous vote for Bush when Minnesota reports its votes tonight. At least two of the Minnesota delegates came to the convention committed to Alan Keyes. Coleman says he's been working on them, but there's nothing he can do to force a unanimous vote. WCCO-TV reports Coleman has filed paperwork to start an exploratory campaign for governor in 2002.


MPR reporter Michael Khoo reveals his lifelong dream of reaching the Oval Office. (See larger.)
Minnesota delegates went to see the Liberty Bell and other historic sights on Tuesday. Another attraction for those who didn't get invited to the "right" parties is PoliticalFest (sic) at the Convention Center downtown. The exhibit includes a recreation of the Oval Office and the facade of the White House, a mock-up of Air Force One, and presidential memorabilia ranging from campaign signs to presidential footwear. (Abe Lincoln had very large feet, by the way)