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Reporter's Notebook - Thursday, August 3, 2000
By Mike Mulcahy
Part of's Republican National Convention coverage.

Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer has been mentioned as a possible candidate for higher office. (See larger.)

Gov. Jesse Ventura did not come to Philadelphia this week even though he had an invitation to attend the Shadow Convention at the University of Pennsylvania. Strangely enough, several people at the alternative issues forum claimed they had sighted Ventura there on Tuesday. Under intense questioning by MPR, one of the witnesses acknowledged the large bald fellow actually introduced himself as Jesse VenTUNA. Apparently the governor has a slightly fishy look-alike prowling the streets of Philadelphia this week.


St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman has grabbed a few headlines this week with his formation of an exploratory campaign for governor in '02. Another potential candidate is also in Philadelphia. Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer got huge ovations at the State Republican convention in June, and her name is often mentioned as a possible candidate for higher office. For now Kiffmeyer says she's not looking for another job. She says she wants to concentrate on being secretary of state, but she's not ruling anything out in the future.


Gil Gutknecht chats with Minnesota delegates. (See larger.)
Like most Minnesota politicians, First District GOP Congressman Gil Gutknecht hasn't been spending much time with the state delegation. In fact, very few polticians at all have visited the delegation. State party officials say there are a couple of reasons: first they've arranged sightseeing tours for the delegates almost every day, which leaves them very little time to spend at the hotel; second, Minnesota isn't first on anybody's list to visit, given its 28-year history of voting for Democrats for President.

Gutknect, who did stop by on the final day of the convention, says he's been talking budget policy behind the scenes with congressional leaders, and that he's been raising money from PACs and individual donors to help fund the Republican campaign effort this fall. He says he's not raising money specifically for his own campaign at the convention.