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Friday 6/9
11a.m.-1 p.m. - MPR's Midday special from Rochester.
Hour One | Hour Two
Saturday 6/10
9 a.m.-1 p.m.  - MPR's special live convention coverage featuring address by Senator Rod Grams.

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Republican State Convention
The Minnesota Republican Party holds its state convention in Rochester June 9 and 10.  The purpose of the convention is to officially endorse Rod Grams for re-election, endorse candidates for Minnesota State Supreme Court, elect 10 at-large delegates to the National Convention, and adopt resolutions making additions or deletions to the State Party Standing Platform.


  Convention Audio Highlights

Grams Hits the Road
Republican Senator Rod Grams says his re-election campaign has shifted into another gear now that he officially has his party's backing. State Republican convention delegates unanimously endorsed Grams in Rochester over the weekend. On Sunday, Grams took a one-day bus tour through parts of southern Minnesota. Minnesota Public Radio's Mark Zdechlik reports. June 12, 2000 Listen

Friday June 9. Midday special from the convention.
Hour One - Interviews with Saint Paul Mayor Norm Coleman, House Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty. Listen.
Hour Two - Profile of Rod Grams; analysis with Tom Horner and Sarah Stoetz, listener calls. Listen.

Endorsing Judges is Issue at GOP Convention
Republican leaders in the Minnesota House have been criticized by some Republicans for not pushing hard enough this spring for big, across-the-board tax cuts. But in keeping with the unity theme, House Speaker Steve Swiggum got a warm reception from delegates. However, there has been a lively debate on whether the party should start endorsing judicial candidates. June 9, 2000 Listen

Two Names Dominate GOP Confab
What a difference a week makes. Last week, DFLers were meeting here at the Civic Center, trying to decide who to endorse for the U.S. Senate race this fall. They had eight candidates from which to choose. Republicans only have one candidate to choose from but they couldn't be happier. They are stressing unity at this convention and incumbent Republican Senator Rod Grams will be formally, unanimously, and enthusiastically endorsed tomorrow. Today, delegates made it clear that they also enthusiastically support the party's presidential candidate, George W. Bush. Minnesota Public Radio's Mark Zdecklik reports. June 9, 2000 Listen