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Primary Election - September 12, 2000

Election Results

See the resultsof the primary election for key races.

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Senate Race
Rod Grams
Mark Dayton
Mike Ciresi
Jerry Janezich
Rebecca Yanisch

Fourth District Congressional
Tom Foley
Betty McCollum
Linda Runbeck

Campaign 2000

An extensive collection of information for the 2000 election season.
Mark Dayton talks to reporters after winning the DFL Senate primary.
The featured races in the primary election on September 12th focused on the DFL contest for the U.S. Senate nomination and the Fourth District Congressional race. The results also set the stage for key matchups in November to determine who controls the Minnesota Legislature. Read and listen to the results here, and see complete political coverage on MPR's Campaign 2000 page.


Senate Race Already a Slugfest
Former State Auditor Mark Dayton captured more than 40 percent of the vote to win the competitive DFL Senate primary. Dayton now faces Republican Senator Rod Grams, who came out swinging when he found out who his DFL opponent is. ReadListen

Independence Party Could Be Player in Senate Race
Software developer Jim Gibson says as the Independence Party candidate for U.S. Senate, he can chart a centrist path between Republican candidate Rod Grams and the winner of Tuesday's DFL primary, Mark Dayton. Gibson, the Independence Party's endorsed candidate for the Senate, easily beat his opponents to clinch his party's nomination. But Gibson says he faces an uphill challenge, both in raising the money he needs to compete, and in getting equal treatment among Republicans and Democrats. ReadListen

DFL Rift Overshadows Congressional Race
Betty McCollum, Linda Runbeck, and Tom Foley have advanced to the November general election in the race to succeed retiring Fourth District Congressman Bruce Vento. DFL endorsee McCollum won a hotly contested primary last night. But a couple of her party rivals are upset about negative campaigning in the primary and are not sure they'll work for McCollum. Republican and Independence Party candidates see the DFL rift as a chance to take a seat the Democrats have held for 52 years.


Campaign 2000With a race full of millionaires, it was a sure bet that the primary campaign for the DFL nomination for U.S. Senate would be an expensive one. DFL winner Mark Dayton spent nearly $28 per vote. But despite the free flow of cash most voters stayed home. MPR's Midday takes a look at the low voter turnout, the high amount of cash, and what it all means to the future of politics in the state in a two-hour special featuring analysts, many of the candidates, and a few voters. (Listen - Hour One | Listen - Hour Two).