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The longest expansion in U.S. history has changed the economic landscape and altered the lives of millions, mostly for the better. More than nine years of uninterrupted growth have raised workers' earnings to an all-time high. The number of families owning homes and investing in the stock market is at the highest levels ever. The unemployment rate is at a 30-year low. Yet the boom is far from an unalloyed benefit. Many are stuck in low-paying jobs or unable to find affordable housing, many others are working more.

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When Will the Boom End?
Why does the economy continue to go like gangbusters? How long can it continue?
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Middle Class Warning Signs
Alan Greenspan calls it the "wealth effect." The economic boom has raised the standard of living of the middle class. But some experts see a slowdown.
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Middle Class Warning
The Gap
Many Minnesotans remain mired in poverty during the economic boom. Who's being left behind and why?
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The Gap
Duluth's Boom
Duluth has roared back as a center of a rejuvenated manufacturing and services center, and as a tourism gateway.
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Cirrus SR-20
Boom Fatigue
We're working harder, seeing our families less, and coping with busier airports, freeways and retail stores. Some people are tired of it.
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Boom Fatigue