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Jesse in California


Panetta Forum - June 12 - "I could run for president." Listen
Ventura: Soap Star

Governor Ventura says his favorite soap opera is The Young and the Restless. So he's making a special appearance on the show during his tour. MPR's Lorna Benson provides a preview of the show with Duke and Diva of Soap City. Listen .

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Governor Ventura is visiting California to promote Minnesota tourism, play golf, and appear on his favorite soap opera. Stories, audio, and photos will be posted here daily during his excursion

Daily Slideshow
See a slideshow of photographs from Gov. Ventura's tour of California. New slides are added daily. The latest pictures are from Thursday, when Ventura appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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What's Ventura Promoting?
The governor is once again defending his extra-gubernatorial activites amid criticism he's more interested in promoting himself than representing Minnesotans as the state's highest elected official. June 16, 2000

Restless Jesse
Governor Ventura tapes an episode of his favorite soap opera, then defends making money on state time. "I have a right to a private life," Ventura says. June 14, 2000

Ventura Promotes Tourism, Makes Soap Opera Debut
Governor Jesse Ventura has accepted an invitation to help represent the U.S. tourism industry at a major trade show in Berlin in March 2002. For now, however, he says he's mixing business and pleasure in his California trip, promoting Minnesota tourism while taping appearances on a soap opera and NBC's "The Tonight Show" June 14, 2000

Ventura Says He Could Run for President, But Won't
In a speech on his California tour, Governor Jesse Ventura said he could appear on the Presidental ballot in all 50 states, but that he won't. June 13, 2000