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Prescription for Change
From the MPR Newsroom
July 24-26, 2000

The rising cost of prescription drugs has become a prominent issue this election year, pushed by the growing ranks of senior citizens whose prescriptions are not covered by Medicare. In Prescription for Change, Minnesota Public Radio looks at the politics surrounding the price of medicine.

Expensive medications are putting a strain on many older Americans' budgets. Politicians differ on the government's role in finding a solution.
Part One: Government Policy
More than 50 different bills have been introduced in Congress this year concerning the cost of prescription drugs. Now state governments are taking up the issue as well.

Part Two: Prescription Drugs in the Minnesota U.S. Senate Race
Candidate after candidate has expressed outrage over senior citizens forced to choose between buying food and buying medicine. It's a key issue in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race, with all of the major DFL candidates and Republican Senator Rod Grams calling for changes to make prescription drugs more affordable for seniors.