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Alternative Energy
Mike Mulcahy, sitting in for Katherine Lanpher, talks with his guest about the future of alternative forms of energy. Guest: Bill Grant, Director of the Midwest Office of the Izaak Walton League, a conservation organization. February 12, 2001
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Deregulation Resources
>Legislative Electric Energy Task Force
>Sustainable Minnesota.

Energy Saving Resources
>Department of Energy
>Mn. Dept of Commerce


Energy deregulation, colder weather, a growing economy, and supply-and-demand issues are spawning high energy bills and shortages of energy around the nation. Some say it's a glimpse into the future of the Upper Midwest, where politicians are deciding our future energy policy. In the future, customers may be able to choose an electricity supplier in much the same way they choose a long-distance phone company. Some say deregulation could favor large industries with economic clout to the disadvantage of less profitable customers such as small businesses, residential customers, and low income households.

Meanwhile, customers in 2001 are worried about the present, and how to pay for the energy they consume.

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Deregulation in Minnesota's Energy Future
The Legislature is expected to consider several proposals for dealing with the shortage. Twenty-four states have already deregulated the power industry.
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Out of Juice
The state Department of Commerce predicts demand for electricity in Minnesota will outstrip supply in five years. Now business leaders and others are urging state regulators to prevent a shortfall without permitting big price hikes.
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Wind Farm The Midwest's Bumper Crop
Energy experts are looking to the Dakotas and Midwest for an endless supply of power, made by harnessing the wind. But the big problem is getting the energy to where it could be used.
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Thermostat Energy Audits
There are several ways to cut down on your energy expenses this winter while remaining comfortable in your home or apartment. It all starts with an energy audit.
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Natural gas pipeline image The Natural Gas Supply
The increase in bills for natural gas may be a relatively short-term increase, as analysts are already expecting next year's bills to be lower.
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