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T H E I R  S T O R Y
Long-term care residents, staff, and experts share their throughts in this multimedia slideshow. (RealAudio required)


Every year, Minnesota spends $850 million caring for the state's elderly in nursing homes. As baby-boomers approach retirement, long-term care experts worry that unless changes occur, those costs could skyrocket. A tripartisan task force studied the issue last summer and wants the state to meet consumer demand by creating a better system of home and community-based care. But the transformation will not be cheap. A legislative task force, the governor and the industry all expect the state to spend over a $100 million in the two-year budget to start this system.

S T O R I E S 

rural Sorting the Options
A state task force has recommended Minnesota shift its reliance on nursing homes toward less costly assisted-living alternatives. Forty-thousand Minnesotans now live in nursing homes even though state officials say many could be living on their own with some assistance.
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Toward a Better Solution
A growing number of seniors has been choosing options to the traditional nursing home, such as home health care or apartment complexes that provide limited nursing care. Minnesota's Long-Term Care Task Force recommends the state downsize nursing homes, build more assisted-living facilities and provide additional home care services to seniors who want to live in their homes.
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Solutions from Rural Minnesota
By 2030, the largest age group in Minnesota is expected to be the over-65 population, but parts of rural Minnesota are there already. Small towns and rural counties struggle to provide services when fewer and fewer young people are there to take care of more and more elders. Health care workers are hard to find for low-paying personal care jobs.
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Dakota Area Resources and Transportation for Seniors
Online advisor, bulletin board to share ideas & support for caregivers

Care providers of Minnesota CARELINK
An interactive tool for health care profesionals and consumers seeking information and referrals to facilities around Minnesota.

Minnesota Board on Aging
Links to Area Agencies on Aging, Senior LinkAge Line

Minnesota Health & Housing Alliance
"Senior Care Connections" lists providers and services in Minnesota's counties and towns.

Senior Alternatives
Nationwide directory of housing alternatives