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Rep. Arlon Lindner's Comments
May 1, 2001

State Rep. Arlon Lindner, R-Corcoran, opposes the Dalai Lama's address to the state Legislature when the Buddhist leader visits the Twin Cities next week. Here is the text of the e-mail he sent to his colleagues in the House.

AS A CHRISTIAN, I am offended that we would have the Dalai Lama come and speak to a joint meeting of our Minnesota Legislature. He claims to be a god-king, a leader of the Buddha religion, which historically has been considered a cult because of its anti-Biblical teachings concerning the one true Holy God, Creator of Heaven and earth and His Son, Jesus Christ.

A Buddhist would say, "Why the big fuss about abortion and euthanasia? After all, we are all reincarnated over and over again in many lives, so why the big deal about ending one?"

These beliefs are incompatible with Christian principles, and those Christian principles are or have been the governing principles of American society. There is a public religious ethic that prevails in this country, Judeo-Christian, demanding a public adherence to that standard in terms of behavior rather than belief. The Judeo-Christian ethic is the moral and spiritual foundation of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and most of our laws and it has served us well.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin formulated it best: (in America) "We may all believe as we wish; however, translating our beliefs into actions sometimes demanded by those beliefs may conflict with Judeo-Christian belief. When they do, it is the actions informed by Christian belief that will prevail."

I for one will not be present on the morning of May 9. I'm sure there are other reasons why the Dalai Lama has only spoken in one state Legislature since his exile 40 years ago from Tibet. I understand he wasn't even allowed in South Korea.