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(May 7-10, 2001)
Tibetans in Minnesota: Preserving Their Culture
The Dalai Lama Arrives
The Dalai Lama Speaks of Compassion
Legislature, Governor Hear Dalai Lama's Message
The Dalai Lama's Final Day in Minnesota

What is Buddhism?
The Dalai Lama's visit to Minnesota has generated great excitement among Tibetans living in the Twin Cities. It's an opportunity for Tibetan Buddists to explain their beliefs to others. Here's a primer on Buddhism and the significance of the Dalai Lama's visit.

Dalai Lama Biography
The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, was born on July 6, 1935, in a small town called Taktser in the province of Amdo. At the tender age of three, he was identified as the future Dalai Lama. He has overseen a time of tremendous political tumult between Tibet and China.

Dalai Lama History
The Dalai Lama is regarded by Tibetans as one of a succession of (so far) 14 incarnations of the Buddha of compassion, Chenrezig ("the Seeing-Eye" Lord), who long has been considered to be the patron deity of Tibet. Here is a brief biography of the thirteen Dalai Lamas who have come before Tenzin Gyatso.

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Feature on photographer Karma Youngdue, who talked to Word of Mouth's Mary Stucky about his life and how even now he lives between two cultures.

MPR Exclusive
Sacred Duty: Building a Throne
A local Buddist craftsman is given the task of creating the throne for the Dalai Lama during his stay in Minnesota.
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Tuesday, May 8th:
Public address at Williams Arena

Wednesday, May 9th:
The Dalai Lama speaks to the Minnesota Legislature

The Dalai Lama delivers Carlson Lecture at the University of Minnesota
Listen: Hour One | Listen: Hour Two