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October 2001

VISIT SOME OF THESE WEB SITES for different perspectives, opinions, and background information about the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This list will be updated regularly.
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Washington Post
Understanding anthrax.

Center for Disease Control
FAQ on anthrax.

Reason online
Jeremy Lott, senior editor of the online magazine Spintech, comments on President Bush's elastic use of the Just War Theory.

Reason online
Writer Catherine Seipp's essay, Gilligan's Island vs. the Taliban.
Author Barbara Kingsolver observes the increased use of the American flag.

The Gandhi Institute
Thoughts on non-violence as a response to terrorism.

The text of Osama bin Laden's recent statement on al-Jazeera television.

Esquire Magazine
A conversation with Osama bin Laden, originally published in February, 1999.

The New York Times
Is New York City forever changed? The lessons of cities who earlier faced disaster provide some clues.

The New York Times Magazine
Reviewing President Bush's public remarks since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Village Voice
Pakistan's alliance with the U.S. is fragile, at best.

The escalating food crisis in Afghanistan.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
An online clearinghouse for hoaxes, rumors and misinformation related to the terrorist attacks.

The Poynter Institute
A gallery of special editions and September 12 coverage of major newspapers around the country.
An online location for people to post thoughts and prayers about the victims of the terrorist attacks.
A dramatic photo essay by photojournalist James Nachtwey, as well as links to other photos.

New York Post
An extensive gallery of photos recounting each day's events in New York City since the terrorist attack on Tuesday.

New York Times Magazine
The Web version of the Sept. 23 edition of the magazine, "Remains of the Day," with extensive coverage of the attacks and the aftermath.
A Web site collecting personal stories, photos, eyewitness video and links to many other sources.

Minnesota Public Radio is providing these links for informational purposes, and does not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed on these sites.