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Nearly everyone agrees that traffic congestion in the Twin Cities is getting worse. Projections show the population is going to keep growing, and policy makers haven't been able to agree on a long-term transportation funding plan. Cars, buses, roads, LRT, commuter rail; Can we solve this problem, or is Minnesota facing gridlock?

"Don't even talk to me about trains until there is a three or four lane beltway around the metro area." (MORE)

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"Take the easy steps first. Commuter rail is a slam dunk..." (More)

Listen to a broadcast with MPR Midday host Gary Eichten from the Getting There Summit: Building Ideas for a Better, Smarter Transportation System in Minnesota. The summit was held on April 11, 2002 (MORE).

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It only gets worse
By William Wilcoxen
During the 1990s, only one city - Atlanta - saw traffic congestion grow faster than Minneapolis-St. Paul. Projections show the Twin Cities' population will keep growing over the next 30 years.

The system with something to prove
By Art Hughes
If Minnesota's light-rail project is similar to others, significant pockets of opposition will linger, threatening to short circuit development plans related to light rail that determine whether the system succeeds
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Roads first
By Mary Losure
Why Minnesota's system for funding transportation is heavily weighted in favor of more highways?
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The worst road
By Laurel Druley
Highway 14, from South Dakota to Rochester, should be seen as a state problem, instead of a rural problem.
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Corridor of congestion
by Andrew Haeg
The continuing influx of new workers may soon bring traffic on I-494 between Eden Prairie and Bloomington to a halt.
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The rail debate
by Laura McCallum
Perhaps the most controversial transportation issue in the Legislature is the proposed $300 million commuter rail line between Minneapolis and St. Cloud.
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Run out on a rail
by Tim Post
Backers of the Northstar commuter rail line say the project is a bargain compared to building roads. Opponents say it's too expensive.

What's keeping people off the bus?
by Maria Helms
As traffic congestion increases, Minnesota lawmakers cut funding for an alternative - the bus.
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