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Online Survey: Ventura's decision not to run for re-election

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Do you agree or disagree with Gov. Ventura's decision not to run for re-election?
    73.9 %
    19.1 %
I'm Not Sure
    7.0 %
Although he said it wasn't the reason for his decision, Gov. Ventura lashed out at news reports about his family's use of the Governor's Mansion. Describe your reaction to that story?
The coverage was unfair to Ventura and his family.
    19.9 %
The story was fair
    66.2 %
I'm Not Sure
    13.9 %
Do you believe that Ventura's exit from the campaign will make the quality of debate better, worse or the same?
    50.4 %
    29.9 %
About the same
    19.7 %
If another member of the Independence Party should run for governor, are you likely to vote for that candidate, based on Gov. Ventura's term in office?
Likely to vote for an IP candidate.
    17.6 %
Unlikely to vote for an IP candidate
    48.7 %
It makes no difference
    33.7 %