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For more than 40 years, U.S. trade with Cuba has been severely restricted -- a policy meant to isolate and marginalize the government of communist leader Fidel Castro. Not until two years ago did the U.S. Congress act to ease commercial limitations. American companies can now export agricultural products to Cuba on a cash-basis. Late in 2001, the first shipments -- including Minnesota corn -- began arriving. Gov. Ventura says with the opening of agricultural trade, the island nation represents an important market for the state's farmers.

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MPR reporter Michael Khoo provides a daily slideshow during Ventura's visit to Cuba.
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Ventura meets Castro
Sep. 27 - Gov. Jesse Ventura is traveling in Cuba as part of the U.S. Food and Agribusiness Exhibition, which he officially opened during a ceremony with Cuban President Fidel Castro on Thursday. Ventura also directed Castro to a livestock exhibit set up by Minnesota farmers. (More)

Ventura begins final foreign journey as governor
Sep. 25 - Gov. Jesse Ventura is spending the next three days participating in the U.S. Food & Agribusiness Exhibition in Havana. The governor and leaders from several prominent Minnesota companies say the island nation presents a new market for the state's farmers, but Ventura's visit has drawn criticisms from Bush administration officials who say he's only lending legitimacy to Fidel Castro's government. (More)

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An agrarian city
April 2001 - There's a new revolution on the island nation of Cuba; this time in the production of food. The collapse of the Soviet Union forced Cuba to turn to small-scale organic farming and urban gardens. This dramatic agricultural transformation is unparalleled in the world today. American agricultural experts, including some Minnesotans, are taking notice. (From the archives) Read


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