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The psalm of the deer hunter
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Hunter Steve Prince bagged two deer on opening weekend in Aitkin County (MPR Photo/Tom Robertson)
This "psalm" is written on a plaque hanging at the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association offices in Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids, Minn. — Blessed is the Whitetail, Blacktail or Mule Deer.

He taketh me from civilization into the deep forests and unto the high ridges, causing me to strain mightily for a glimpse of his shining antlers.

He causes me to labor in heart-pounding ways to seek him.

On his own stomping grounds -- he makes mine hand to shake and mine eyes to blur so my eyes are not steady.

I suffer from mysterious fevers, and do many foolish things, for it is in his nature to confuse and confound me.

Yea, tho' I would'st tan his hide
and make of him chops and jerky
-- for verily I am thankful not to be a vegetarian --
yet do I call him most worthy and hope he remains
food for my body and soul -- forever.

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