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In the Spirit of Martin
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Out-Loud Silent was the first work Lev T. Mills created that contained a social or political message. 1969. (Courtesy of Lev T. Mills)

Minneapolis, Minn. — The Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota got lucky when it asked the Smithsonian in Washington if it could host a traveling exhibit about Martin Luther King Jr. The Smithsonian just happened to have an opening in its schedule for this year's Martin Luther King holiday. The Weisman jumped at the opportunity, and In the Spirit of Martin opens on the holiday weekend. MPR's Eugene Cha visited the exhibit while it was being set up, and met with Colleen Sheehy, the Weisman's director of education. Sheehy says the exhibit includes over a hundred pieces of art.

Listen to the interview and view a slideshow of the exhibit.

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