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Kitchen of Light: Scandinavian cooking goes gourmet
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Andreas Viestad (Photo by Mette Randem, courtesy of Artisan Publishing)

St. Paul, Minn. — Scandinavian cooks have always been blessed with a backyard full of world-class ingredients -- from Norwegian salmon to mountain-raised lambs to berries sweetened by 24-hour-a-day summer sunlight. But despite these natural assets, Scandinavian dining has only recently made the transition from home-cooking to fine cuisine.

In his new book, Kitchen of Light: New Scandinavian Cooking With Andreas Viestad, the Oslo-based food writer says Scandinavian cooks didn't abandon their traditional dishes. Instead, Viestad says they gave it a new flair.

Viestad hosts a series of the same name on PBS, is scheduled to appear at various locations around the Twin Cities in the next few days.

(Listen to his interview with Lorna Benson by clicking on the audio link in the right column.)

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